Airbnb @ Downtown San Jose

Pinger / Eng create💻
Jan 26 5 Comments

I see that Airbnb is opening a downtown San Jose office in March. But I don't see any positions on their website for this location. Does anyone there know what openings there will be for San Jose?


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  • Airbnb / Eng YvLH38
    It will be mainly engineering. Its a priority so the openings will be posted very soon.
    Jan 27 1
    • Pinger / Eng create💻
      Awesome, will keep polling then
      Jan 27
  • Microsoft lfdss
    Man Jose🤦‍♂️
    Jan 26 1
  • Airbnb WAfE27
    Does anyone know which specific teams will be moved there?
    Feb 6 0


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