Airbnb Comp

Bloomberg aksnbddj
Mar 26 22 Comments

Why does Airbnb offer much higher comp than all of it's competitors like Fang and other pre-ipo companies?


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  • Dropbox systest
    They are actually profitable.
    Mar 26 1
  • Uber


    I am not TK
    Their engineering challenges aren’t superb — they compensate this with more pay.
    Mar 26 6
    • Microsoft pollpull
      Tech debt and engineering challenges are two different things. I will be surprised if airbnb does not have complex engineering challenges.
      Mar 26
    • Airbnb AirEvryWhr
      Lol. Why always uber guys responds with same exact response ?
      Every company has complex engineering challenges, but not every team in any company has complex challenges . There are tons of teams in google and Facebook which does not have complex challenges but there are some which has. Similarly that applies to uber and Airbnb . Please don’t say that uber has complex real-time calculations to solve . All companies have similar problems , some has more and others has less.
      Mar 26
    • Amazon HouseBezos
      Who gives a fuck about engineering challenges LOL. All the more reason to join for me.
      Mar 27
    • Lyft level6
      Airbnb eng work is not as challenging as lyft’s. Neither does uber’s.
      Mar 27
    • Airbnb somensbke
      I don’t buy that Uber’s isn’t lol. They are solving the same problems. Uber more with food delivery and trucking
      Mar 27
  • Airbnb somensbke
    Yep, I came from fang and got a significant bump. Pretty enjoyable place to work overall, though a bit slow moving compared to some other top companies
    Mar 26 0
  • Bloomberg aksnbddj
    It's seems even the base they offer are highest in the industry
    Mar 26 0
  • Uber headof_
    Cause their valuation is basically air-blow and bluff
    Mar 26 4
    • Yelp Rsqx75
      They’re profitable, have a business with a huge upside, they’re sitting on a huge chunk of cash and their financials look pretty solid. The only thing worrying is regulatory pressure. Not sure why you say this.
      Mar 26
    • Google euBx84
      Agree on most of those things. No idea why they tried to do the whole experiences on their website though. It was better with just homes/rentals. Also, they don't seem to be in a rush to ipo.
      Mar 26
    • Says fucking Uber lmao
      Mar 26
    • Airbnb AirEvryWhr
      Lmao 🤣
      Mar 26
  • Facebook QdeD76
    It’s founded by people who actually give a f*%k unlike FB and Google.
    Mar 26 0
  • Microsoft / Finance Dunph
    Because the founders decided they felt like it
    Mar 26 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Yes my Airbnb offer last month is the highest amongst all others.
    Mar 26 2
    • BlackRock hccxxt
      Do you mind sharing the numbers
      Mar 26
    • Microsoft pollpull
      And did you take the offer?
      Mar 26
  • Microsoft pollpull
    It's all paper money, afaik
    Mar 26 0