Airbnb Product talent golden18
Mar 22 6 Comments

What’s the product talent like at Airbnb? Are you amazed by the PMs you work with? Do you think they’re top notch talent?

Stalking LinkedIn profiles I’m seeing very variable data - lots of people with just one or two years of PM experience who switched from other roles within the company leading large teams. Of course this doesn’t mean they aren’t great product managers but just curious - I was surprised there aren’t many more experienced PMs on there. Could be just the sample I saw


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  • Airbnb ronnyweas
    Just like anywhere else, there are good ones and bad ones. There’s new solid leadership as well
    Mar 22 1
    • golden18
      Thanks for sharing- makes sense! Which are the top performing teams within Airbnb?
      Mar 24
  • / Eng
    WLB Eng

    Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
    Software Engineer and former phd candidate in biophysics
    it will go public soon, will airbnb?
    Mar 22 0
  • New McCaun
    Bad.. bunch of insecure losers
    Mar 22 0
  • VMware / Eng

    VMware Eng

    Are you interviewing as a PM there?
    Mar 22 0
  • Cisco / Product U there
    Mar 22 0