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Bloomberg Soupp
Mar 9 4 Comments

How do people feel about the food and snacks at Airbnb? I feel like there weren't a lot of exciting options for food during my on-site but am hoping it was a one off case. Also, Im vegetarian, so was wondering how veg-friendly the kitchen is?

Also, what sort of team bonding activities do people do with their teams and how often (offsites)? I heard of a team going to Hawaii for a week - are those sort of things common?

And does Airbnb have any sort of phone/laptop subsidies to buy new gadgets?


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  • Google chenku
    It's pretty good but they don't have a brand of yogurt I really like so I declined the offer.
    Mar 9 0
  • Airbnb RealSlimS
    Food is too good; I’ve gained 20 pounds since starting, and trying to cut down. It’s that good. I’ve heard from vegans and vegetarians that they’re not too happy about the selections some days though. YMMV.

    The team culture varies widely from team to team. Some teams goto Mexico and Hawaii once a year, while some teams do literally nothing together. I’m somewhere in the middle where my team does karaoke or happy hour once a quarter and get shitfaced.

    They’ll pay for phone plans, as you’re expected to do some PagerDuty, and the accompanying company phone if you want to carry an extra. I’ve opted to add just the plan to my own phone.
    Mar 9 1
  • Airbnb vjrnbs
    The food is delicious and varied from day to day (as an example, the food team wrote a cookbook and the stuff in it is actually good) but there are downsides. Not a ton of options on a given day and it’s all healthy which is fine but sometimes you just to indulge.
    Mar 9 0