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Jul 12 2 Comments

I used to work there few months ago (never did the hiring process), but they contacted and now it’s for a full time job
Going through the hiring process soon for technical support

Can I have any tips on how this process will go, anyone have gone through this? I’m guessing it can be similar to others big tech companies in San Francisco but I would need some tips



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  • Gusto walala
    A while back, they require candidate to give presentation on how to tackle some of the challenges AirBnB are facing.

    Some companies do this and I am OK, but AirBnB panels were asking way more detailed questions on these. To me, if I am not selected, then they now know how to solve some of the problems while not hiring you.
    Jul 12 0
  • New Yo4zd1
    This is actually for SWE role, but hope this can help!
    Jul 12 0