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I am relocating to sf for a new job at airbnb. I have to break my apt lease which cost me thousands of dollars. Before I signed the offer, I brought this up and the recruiter said he needs to double check but I should be ok. I was under the impression that Airbnb would explicitly cover it, but when I am actually going through the process, I am told that Airbnb gives me 1month salary to cover misc cost and I should use it to cover the penalty.

Has anyone had this issue? Should I push the recruiter to ask for approvals or is it not worth the battle? I don’t want to start at Airbnb on a bad note, but I also don’t want to leave a bad taste in my mouth. The one month stiphen is nice but if I use it to pay this penalty, I have under budgeted my relocation and had I known this, I would have negotiated further. Doesn’t other companies like Google explicity cover lease breaks?

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  • Uber myuber
    Impressive TC for 3 yoe
    Aug 8 0
  • Airbnb AirEveryWr
    Talk to recruiter and push for it. Any comms with recruiter has no bearing on your future at Airbnb . If you join, no one cares what happened with recruiter. At the same time, be careful in a way that your offer is not rescinded . Lay out what you were expecting and what was your understating based on talks and see what you can get out of it .
    Aug 13 0
  • Airbnb OHNU77
    Tell your recruiter that you need more money to relocate. I would be surprised if there was any "bad taste" from you communicating your needs when an expectation you were operating on turns out to be erroneous.

    Also, welcome to the airfam!
    Aug 8 0
  • Amazon fhsgdgve
    The only reason you would accept their offer is pay. Their relocation benefit is below the bar.
    Aug 8 0
  • Microsoft justbale
    A lot of companies don’t explicitly cover lease breaks, G included
    Aug 8 2
    • Amazon bufjensk
      Seriously? I thought all FANG+M covered it. Microsoft even covers the brokers fees and closing cost for selling the home, which is SUPER!
      Aug 9
    • Google lGlb76
      Google gives you points and it’s your choice to cover whatever you want.
      Aug 16
  • Airbnb 575:;/6899
    I got less than 1 month salary to cover my relocation
    Aug 8 0