Airbnb vs Lyft

Amazon / Product QKzI21
Feb 25 4 Comments

What is the scope of senior product manager in Airbnb vs in Lyft?
How is culture different in these two companies?
Which company has more growth potential for PMs?


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  • PM for What ? Pm is a highly soft skill role. Also highly bullshit (I'm a PM). It all depends on the team you join. Most of the time you end up being a paper pusher. You think you are the boss but everyone sees you as the middle man with no power.

    Don't be a PM...
    Feb 26 3
    • Lyft IJuno
      Sounds like you work somewhere shitty. PMs have a lot of influence at Lyft
      Feb 26
    • Lyft 0xabc0de
      Feb 26
    • Facebook gEKd54
      Sad to hear your experience...I'm also a pm and the experience is drastically different.

      If you hate it so much you should find something else to do (or another company where they do it right)
      Feb 26