Airbnb vs. Slack

New coope4
May 9 20 Comments

Offers similar, around 370k, 5 years experience. Very similar breakdown of base, stock and signing.

Which would you pick and why?

Which has better perks and culture? Are either cutthroat type environment's (i.e. Netflix). Better upside?

Please add a comment below with your thoughts.



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TOP 20 Comments
  • Accenture FairWorld
    Airbnb has better growth future potential.
    Slack faces big competition from Microsoft and discord
    May 9 0
  • Microsoft jesus-
    Slack is dead. Microsoft Teams is growing like crazy. I dont see any chance for slack to beat Microsoft unfortunately.
    May 9 1
    • Lol 😂 the softies are here again being all insecure and shit
      May 18
  • New / Eng going2g
    Not sure which you should pick, but congrats on the amazing offers!
    May 9 1
  • Airbnb RealSlimS
    Airbnb is opposite of cutthroat.
    May 9 2
    • Oracle pzd
      What's that? Kiss on the cheek 😘?
      May 10
    • Airbnb RealSlimS
      Close. At best, hugs. I had many non-ironic hugs so far at Airbnb. And thank you cards. And gifts. Very thankful culture
      May 11
  • Microsoft / Mgmt Dunph
    Airbnb has a better future as a company. Slack is better for growing your technical skills.
    May 9 0
  • Amazon jsidhsnan
    Can you share the split of the offers?
    May 9 0
  • New coope4
    Wow was not expecting the difference in the poll..
    May 9 0
  • SAP Man
    Slack is dead.
    May 9 1
    • Oracle pzd
      No way. It is going to IPO or exit at 10 billion or sth.
      May 9
  • growth in private vacation rentals is faster than AirBnb .. just saying
    May 18 0
  • Quora iSjP52
    Airbnb is pretty chill. I personally think slack is fine as a business - yes, there is competition, but slack has executed well and their financials are good: strong retention, good clv, existing customers will pay more. In summary - Airbnb has more upside but more risk of getting there, slack is likely slower upside but a pretty safe org
    May 9 0
  • Oracle pzd
    Neither co. are public atm. How are you coming up with the 370k number? Is it all cash?
    May 9 0
  • Airbnb qJYD65
    What level? And can you post the split between base/ stocks/ bonus?
    May 9 0
  • Qualtrics / Sales

    Qualtrics Sales

    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    I faced a similar situation but at the end I chose team over company for the sake of personal growth. Unless you plan to stay for 4 years or longer, I don't know if I need to think about the company prospect too much.
    May 9 0
  • New coope4
    Anyone at slack have any thoughts?
    May 9 0
  • Apple MRpJ61
    Heard Slack has poor WLB and everyone has to carry a pager. I think Airbnb has better WLB.
    May 9 0


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