Airbnb work culture golden18
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From everything I’m reading, it sounds very relaxed and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not. I love taking a good vacation once in a while (did a bunch last year). For Airbnb, i can’t tell (based on comments) if it’s a work hard play/vacation hard kind of culture or if it leads to lack of accountability/deadlines slipping/ people treating work as a second priority/ retirement option.

Loving what I’ve heard about Airbnb culture (genuinely nice people!) but when trying to assess if it would be a good work place fit for me I’m hitting a wall. What’s the sense of urgency in getting shit done at work at Airbnb? I feel there’s a tricky balance between wlb and constantly pushing the envelope. If things get tooooo comfortable, people stop trying to invent new things/have bigger impact


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  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    👀👀 it’s me your manager from wall mart. I just reviewed your last year vacation.

    Looks like you took approx 4.5 weeks (counting weekends) last year very strategically spaced out (ex 1 week here, long weekend there, 1.5 weeks in summer, 1.5 weeks in winter etc)

    Now you started applying for UBEr and Airbnb....I will see u on Monday!!!!
    Mar 22 4
    • golden18
      ...thanks for the no value comment. 4.5 weeks is like the most common vacation time at Walmart - it’s what we were paid out before we got unlimited vacation so in our benefit to take it
      Mar 22
    • Wells Fargo hsLy13
      No offense bro, chill!!!
      Mar 22
    • golden18
      Hahahaha none taken :)
      Mar 22
    • Capital One

      Capital One

      I only GG.
      This is funny as hell.
      Mar 22
  • MathWorks p8Rz2u
    They seem to work smart not hard. This is possible when the size of the engineering org is essentially a relatively small group of capable engineers. I am curious how this culture will fare as they grow and inevitably let in mediocre engineers, which I am sure has been happening.
    Mar 22 1
    • golden18
      Thanks for sharing!
      Mar 24
  • Airbnb Charon
    There are over 1500 engineers here. It varies by team. My team works about 45 hours a week. Supposedly the China teams have bad WLB.
    Mar 25 0
  • New McCaun
    Come to Singapore's dog eat dog here
    Mar 22 0
  • Amazon RS1009
    Did you join Airbnb? Care to share what you found out about culture ?
    Jun 15 1
    • Airbnb / Eng gobsmak
      It’s kind of like the feminist bookstore from Portlandia
      Jun 15


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