Alaska or Iceland?

Amazon isnsl
May 8 23 Comments

Alaska has wildlife. Iceland does not. Alaska is also closer and cheaper. Iceland looks kind of barren, but Denali and some parks in Alaska remind me of Shasta or other parks. They both have glaciers and I’m definitely interested in seeing those since I’ve never seen anything like that before. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland also seems cool. I’m not that excited about the waterfalls though since I feel like I’ve seen a lot of them. What would you recommend?


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  • Cisco Infensus
    Alaska. Iceland is over-traveled and it's just driving from site to site, taking a few pics each time. It's hard to do any hikes that go into anything, not many trails. Blue lagoon is fine but just a seminatural spa place.
    May 8 2
    • Amazon isnsl
      Where in Alaska would you recommend?
      May 8
    • Apple Icml2017
      For summer Alaska trips: from Anchorage you can see William Sound and Portage Glacier; Seaward and take day Cruise to a glacier and then hike up to Exit Glacier; Talkeetna and take the Denali flight seeing trip; Denali of course (you can stay next to the park or in the closest town of Healy). If you have more days, go to Homer (or Kodiak) and do grizzly bear viewing. Finally if you travel during Sep, I will suggest a place called Kaktovik which is a remote island in northern Alaska where you can see polar bears roaming around. That’s an out of the world experience. Going to Kaktovik is pricy and you have to fly from Fairbanks and it can be fully worth the cost.
      May 9
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  • Splunk jdjfjf
    Iceland is like being on another planet - a lot of your points about Alaska are valid: closer, usd, cheaper, etc. but Iceland is like nothing I had ever seen
    May 8 2
    • Amazon isnsl
      Something about the pictures make Iceland look a little depressing. Is it just me? Like it seems cold, gloomy, and empty
      May 8
    • Amazon isnsl
      In what way is it like nothing you’ve ever seen?
      May 8
  • Commvault


    If you have a chance. Go to new zealand. Its cheaper than alaska. I have been to alaska and new zealand. Both are great. But i felt new zealand was cheaper and have similar options. You can hike too. Beautiful place. Alaska i thought was more over priced. But you can see different views and different animals in both places. Went on a roadtrip in alaska and new zealand. Fewer animals in new zealand. I dont know about iceland.
    May 9 0
  • Arthrex QeWE06
    Alaska all the way. Wild and raw. Went during peak winter season thrice and I still get butterflies. Next year planning to go to Barrow, Alaska.
    May 10 0
  • Oracle alwzangry
    Go to Talkeetna, in a shoulder season to lower costs. Maybe cross the Arctic circle. Day cruise from Seward. For Iceland, spare about 5-15 days depending upon your appetite for nature. It's on my to-do list.
    May 9 0
  • Twitch iorjtj
    Alaska is incredible. You can do more than a bus tour only in Denali. Camp at wonder lake. Hike, fish, bike, take the bus to see wildlife. Drive down to Seward from anchorage on most incredible drive. Cruise from Seward - glaciers, marine wildlife. Fly to katmai and see brown bears catching salmon. Fly to kaktovik and see polar bears.
    May 8 0
  • Cisco / Eng 0xdeadbad
    Been to Alaska and not to Iceland. So, can’t compare. My experience in Alaska was absolutely breathtaking. We took a 6 day cruise and 7 day road trip. The cruise was from Vancouver to Ketchikan. The cruise ship stopped everyday at a different port and you could get off and do various tours during the day and come back by the end of the day. IMHO, Denali National park is heavily overrated. Mostly because it is a vast sparsely vegetated terrain as big as some of the cities is the US and you can’t drive through the park. You have to take the tour bus and the tour is not very interesting. Rest of Alaska is so breathtaking, I wish I had more time to camp in the wilderness. Oh, BTW, I drove through Visalia to see if you can see Russia from there😀( not sure if many here would get this joke)
    May 8 5
  • Facebook illiiiills
    I've been to both and I'd recommend Iceland. It's just otherworldly... desolate barren landscapes. Look up jokulsarlon, the black sand beach with glaciers. Or seljandsafoss, skogafoss falls are real nice. Alaska is good too but it feels less... wild. Denali is like a 1-day bus tour where you can't really get out and hike (otherwise the bus abandons you).

    You could do both. I did Alaska by cruise. It's fun and quite different from Iceland that way.
    May 8 1
    • Amazon isnsl
      Idk desolate and barren is not what I would use to describe my ideal vacation spot 🙃
      May 8
  • Oracle strong20
    Sounds like you've already made up your mind
    May 8 1
    • Roku smashbros
      Really? Doesn’t seem like it to me
      May 8
  • Apple etubrute
    Been to Iceland several times. I’d recommend it. It’s the youngest earth you’ll find. If you’re at all interested in geology, it’s an amazing place. Plus you’ll get closer and more upfront to glaciers, volcanos, geysers, steam vents, and auroras than you will in Alaska, which is quite vast and takes more time to explore. Iceland tourism makes this really accessible.

    Then, obviously, after you’re done you fly to London or continental Europe and finish your vacay there.

    I do plan on visiting Alaska eventually though. But Iceland is very amazing to me.
    May 9 0
  • Apple abilities
    Alaska please. You could bundle it with Canada and there are so many cruises to and around Alaska
    May 9 0