Alexa AI (intelligent decisions team) vs. Google applicatons engineer vs Micorosft cosine . Which one you would take ?

New / Eng harigur
Jun 30 15 Comments

Assume both base pay and sign on bonus are same.
Though the job as AE is less sexy, I feel Google brand is good and I can learn a lot by going through their mono repo, let it be their internal review tool or NLP or ML projects.

0) If I contribute to other team projects during weekends , can I become SWE?

Amazon Alexa AI team they said they will train me in NLP or ML after I join.

No idea about cosine team.

1) What would you take if you were me?
2) why?
3) what does is your recommendation to join one and not the other ?


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TOP 15 Comments
  • Google. Duh
    Jun 30 2
    • Microsoft / Eng peasanton
      As an applications engineer?
      Jun 30
    • Amazon Southward
      Applications engineer is not an SDE role. The right answer is take the Amazon role, and interview for Google again in a year or two as a SWE.
      Jun 30
  • Amazon 103i3neif
    Amazon will stress you tf out
    Jun 30 3
  • Google / Eng El Dap
    Alexa then reinterview Google as a SWE
    Jun 30 0
  • Microsoft


    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    phorked more
    Alexa. You will learn very cool things. At Google you will not get to do anything interesting. Cosine is some sort of Windows nonsense.
    Jun 30 0
  • Microsoft / Eng peasanton
    No clue what the cosine team is.. Can you ask the recruiter to schedule a call with the hiring manager to understand more? Between amazon and Google - I'd pick Amazon, the role sounds much better..
    Jun 30 3
    • New / Eng harigur
      Can I do this even before the hiring event ?
      Jun 30
    • Microsoft ABACADABAC
      Cosine is core Windows. As you can imagine, core windows covers a lot of areas.
      Jun 30
    • New / Eng harigur
      Is it would be more of OS developing ? Could you shed more light on core OS ?
      Jun 30
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Usually I would say Google but in your case Amazon is a better option. You don't wanna be anything other than SWE at Google
    Jul 10 0
  • Microsoft / Eng SwitchJobs
    No Cosine. Go for Google.
    Jun 30 0


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