Alexa and amazon prime air applied scientist

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Aug 22 11 Comments

has anyone interviewed with Alexa AI or Amazon Prime Air? Have an onsite shortly and would love to hear your experience


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  • Amazon MadarChod
    Alexa AI is definitely not worth it. Shitty tech, shitty infra, full of clueless empire building managers. Many talented people have already left.

    Prime Air might be more interesting.
    Aug 22 7
    • Amazon adjeuej
      Actual work done by scientists isn’t close to solid. Run from Alexa ai, at least in Seattle and Boston
      Aug 26
    • Amazon CulStryBro Judge for yourself. Lot of solid applied science pubs. Don't expect to see pure research or foundational deep learning work though, that is not emphasized at Alexa AI.
      Aug 26
    • Amazon adjeuej
      I know those pubs and some of the people. Pubs are just advertising. In reality scientists in Alexa ai couldn’t do effective work if they tried because of the poor infra and management. Stay away
      Aug 26
    • Amazon mlopo
      @CulStryBro what team is the platform team? How is being SDE on AI NLU? Can DM if you like
      Sep 10
    • Amazon mlopo
      @adjeuej how is being an SDE in AI NLU?
      Sep 10
    Баба Яга

    Баба Ягаmore
    Do you have a PhD in ML or AI? How does applied scientist work? Are they engineers or research scientists?
    Aug 22 1
    • Expedia Group JzhS85
      Posting on behalf of my wife. She has a PhD in related fields to ML-AI
      Aug 23
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    Simple coding questions
    Leadership principles
    Presentation if it is applied scientist
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