Alexa gets a little worse... again...

Salesforce it910q
Sep 24 4 Comments

I see Alexa has gotten worse again. For some music channels it no longer lets you replay a song now, saying that you need to subscribe.

"Repeating a song is only available with Amazon Music Unlimited"

It's just a nonstop stream of marginally making the Echo have fewer and fewer features, until Amazon goes completely back on its word and the entire thing become a subscription service with microtransactions.

What'd you guys do? Hire EA execs to run Alexa? Try improving the damn thing to the point that we'd want to pay for it, rather than betraying our trust repeatedly. Additive features can be monetized, but subtracting features and hiding them behind a paywall just pisses us off.

You still seem to not understand the Echo is a novelty for all of us. Your developer APIs are so weak that skills are essentially restricted to being finite-state-machines in complexity. Until you overhaul how user interaction is performed you will never advance out of the novelty stage you're so desperate to milk money out of.

So stop taking away existing features, especially when it's so half-assed that the work around is to wait for the song to complete, and then say "Alexa, last". Get it together and have a cohesive vision. It's not that hard


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Roku cruella
    Alexa, take away Salesforce's echo and all echo devices.
    Sep 24 2
    • Salesforce WhomstMD
      Alexa, play Despacito
      Sep 24
    • Roku cruella
      Alexa, belay that order.
      Sep 24
  • Apple magikarp16
    It made playing jeopardy a big pain with all the constant ads for all the jeopardy subscriptions. Now I only use it as a alarm clock. It’s wasting its powerful speech processing capabilities.
    Sep 24 0


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