Alphabet companies for HW

Xilinx / R&D fpPQ53
Sep 8 22 Comments

Where would you recommend to go (under Alphabet): X, ATAP, Weymo, or some other pocket within Alphabet?
What is Jacquard program?


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TOP 22 Comments
  • Google OneOfAKind
    Definitely not Weymo.
    Sep 8 5
    • Google aaaxc
      Sep 9
    • Google 4EVR
      Waymo is good but not Weymo!
      Sep 9
    • NVIDIA jonsun
      Whymo ?
      Sep 9
    • Google O.P.
      Sep 9
    • Google SdrPikachu
      Maybe he meant Wheymo, the new top secret sports nutrition moonshot.
      Sep 9
  • Apple picheswar
    Sep 9 0
  • Google L00nie
    I've been enjoying my work at Loon so far.
    Sep 9 2
    • Apple OEOR30
      What do you do for Loon?
      Sep 9
    • Apple / Eng omgaapl
      Can I talk to you a bit about loon equity?
      Sep 9
  • Google QuantumDoc
    Either X or my group (quantum computing hardware) in RMI
    Sep 9 5
    • Intel iBTb25
      Are they hiring Physical design engineers?
      Sep 9
    • KLA-Tencor jchn85
      Can you help with referral?
      Sep 9
    • Xilinx / R&D fpPQ53
      Is Quantum Computing group entirely in Santa Barbara? Or do they have folks in the Bay Area also?
      Sep 10
    • Google QuantumDoc
      Hardware is entirely in Santa Barbara. Applications and algorithms folks are spread out on west coast.
      Sep 11
    • Intel “SWE”
      There are other hardware groups in RMI, not in SB
      Sep 11
  • NVIDIA imai
    Any of these hiring for asic rtl design?
    Sep 9 0
  • Microsoft rubaduba
    Jacquard is a small team, mostly HCI researchers
    Sep 9 0
  • Google aYFj21
    I can speak to any ATAP or Jacquard questions you may have
    Sep 9 1
    • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
      Does ATAP still exist ? I thought they became X. What are they working on broadly ? How much leet to get in ?
      Sep 9
  • Google jAhK53
    Avoid Waymo.
    Sep 9 1
    • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
      What's wrong with them ? I see a lot of interesting positions open.
      Sep 9


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