Alternative Investments

Google peasant
May 12 16 Comments

There are some common investment categories that most people know about:

Real Estate
Stocks/Mutual Funds (includes 401k etc)
Savings Account

Does anyone have other less popular means to grow wealth? Some examples I have done or actively do now:

a) Crypto
b) Muse - (Simple low manage business, like a consistent traffic website with ads)
c) Franchise Business (think Dunkin Donuts)
d) Collectibles - vintage stuff that appreciate in value

TC: 350 + 300 from investments


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Dunkin’ Donuts won’t let you open unless you commit to 5 locations I didn’t have the funds. If you have 500k in liquid I would say put a down payment on a gas station. Contrary to popular belief margin at the pump is 30 cents and up in a metro area. I know a guy who ones 1 station and has TC over 1 million given his is on a major corner.
    May 12 10
    • Leanplum ballsacks
      Where to find these investors? Friends and family?
      May 12
    • Facebook public2
      Would not recommend friends and family even if they are wealthy. Doesn't end well for most.
      May 12
    • New / Eng |l|l||l|l|
      Lawyer up and create a trust, find other rich people to buy shares in the trust.
      May 12
    • Leanplum ballsacks
      But where do I find them? Just call em up while browsing the rich people white pages?
      May 12
    • Google __human__
      Just dm random people on LinkedIn who have fancy titles and ask them for their TC.
      May 12
  • Apple TheNiceGal
    The sky is the limit. For almost every industry, there’s a REIT for it. You can buy it to be invested in that industry and receive dividend as essentially profit sharing.

    If it’s possible to be a passive investor on a McDonalds franchise, I would do it. But I wouldn’t do it on any other franchises.
    May 12 3
    • Google / Eng peasant
      Oh yes, this is a great option with a lot of the benefits of real estate investment without all the overhead costs of self management.
      May 12
    • Facebook public2
      There is a real estate investment trust for every industry?
      May 12
    • Apple TheNiceGal
      Almost all industry need some kind of real estate: datacenters, medical offices, oil pipes, power lines, warehouse for fulfillments, etc.
      May 12
  • Netflix Pablo.E
    Depending on your appetite, you can angel invest in startups.
    May 12 0