Am I insane for hating remote working?

Jul 11 18 Comments

Work at a company where you can work from home Wednesdays and Thursdays. I don't like working in the same place I'm sleeping, because that effectively means I'm never leaving that place. Also makes me feel lonely.

You can work from office on Wed and Thu but you'll be pretty much the only

I'd prefer it if my company didn't have the option to work remotely. Am I insane?


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  • Oracle not_larry
    Go to Starbucks and work from there. There will be plenty of people to keep you company.
    Jul 11 2
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    Can you refer me to your company?
    Jul 11 0
  • Microsoft / Eng 36C
    So to sum up:
    - wfh sucks cuz you don't like to work in the same place you sleep.
    - working from office is not an option, cuz you'll be alone there.

    So is it coworkers that you miss or the environment that is not professional enough?

    Trust me, if you complain and your company changes the policy, you won't want to see those people anymore (or most likely the other way around)
    Jul 11 0
  • Microsoft / Eng MonadNomad
    When I work remote I like to go to coffee shops or breweries to get out of the house. Maybe try that?
    Jul 11 2
    • Amazon ehuuS
      Breweries is a great idea. I should try that
      Jul 11
    • Amazon snostreblA
      Most brewery taprooms will be closed during the day though? Unless you're only going to optimism.
      Jul 11
  • Amazon snostreblA
    I'm partially with you. I hate not having that separation, but don't mind the empty office for a day or two per week. Good time to get shit done.
    Jul 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Microsoft, Nordstrom
    Or make the most of it. Get an Airbnb someplace nice and work from there once in a while.
    Jul 11 1
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      Hourly motels
      Jul 11
  • American Airlines / Project nqqM65
    YES. Please stop over thinking. Thanks.
    Jul 20 0
  • the-smart1
    Not everyone likes to work from home. I guess you can get ready like you always do on a workday, but pick a place for that day. It can be a starbucks, bookstore or even a beach (if you figure out power and wifi). Also, you can consider working at shared spaces around you. If I were you I would prefer to keep all my meetings or collaborations during time at workplace, and use remote options to get some things that require focus and less distractions.
    Jul 12 0
  • GE / Eng oome
    Most libraries have good working spaces which can be booked
    Jul 11 0
  • New maxar
    Jul 11 0
  • GE ncQI06
    You’re insane if you want the option taken away from everyone.

    But just you? No, you sound like you’re more productive in office and get more free time that way.
    Jul 11 0
  • New


    Fullstack Developer
    Explore coffee shops around your area. I'm talking about Hipster/cool coffee shops. Those $5 coffees bring your coding skills to another level.
    Jul 11 0
  • Adobe mercury10
    Sounds like it's an option? On Fridays most people in my dept wfh, but I still go in for the same reason.
    Jul 11 0


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