Am i being underpaid and what should I do about future prospects?

Aug 2 14 Comments

Im getting (New Grad)

100k Base
25K joining bonus
21k stocks over 3 years

San Diego

What should I do to multiply this multiple figures? I guess future prospects here a limited no matter how hard I work...


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  • Bayer macys
    Do good work at this job, learn as much as you can, then leetcode and move to faang. TBH your first year TC is pretty decent for a new grad, don’t get carried away by all the big TC numbers you see here.
    Aug 2 1
    • Verizon Media sxSG85
      Some solid advice here. Looking back I just did this before moving to a big name
      Aug 2
  • Intuitive Surgical vespa
    San Diego pays horribly. With that said, I’d say that’s pretty decent for a new grad.
    Aug 2 0
  • Qualcomm MzLC26
    Dude .... it’s very decent offer if you don’t compare with FAANG companies . I absolutely agree money is of the major factor for job satisfaction. If you are interested in making more TC, build new skills, LC consistently, excel at your job, etc. First three years of your career, you have all options to experiment like finding passion for technology you want to work for, learning the technology the industry is moving towards and what is the best way for good WLB. I am in QUALCOMM for more than 5 years. I may not make same TC as my peers in FAANG but I am very happy with how my life was balanced in San Diego and focusing on my personal interests other than work.
    Aug 2 0
  • Credit Karma ceasar
    New grad with 100k base 115k TC he's getting under paid how cute
    Aug 2 0
  • Oracle fx1
    No, you're not.
    Aug 2 0
  • For SD, you’re paid really well for a new grad. Ignore the TC noise from Seattle and the Bay Area. It does not apply for SD at your YOE.
    Aug 2 0
  • Microsoft


    I write code that always work on my box!
    It's great for San Diego. Why do you think you are underpaid.
    Aug 2 0
  • Cruise Automation hgvftuhhbg
    San Diego has lower cost of living than the Bay Area so the TC is not comparable
    Aug 2 0
  • Google valleyman
    Hit the LC to push the TC
    Aug 2 0
  • New Loliet
    Underpaid for new grad 🤯
    Aug 2 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng

    Qualcomm Eng

    Intel Corporation
    which company
    Aug 4 0
  • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
    Agree it’s pretty decent for new grad. I have almost 7 years of work exp and am getting paid that much here in LA area
    Aug 2 0
  • Amazon xmmsn
    depends on what u deliver
    keep in mind u will be a net drag the first few months
    Aug 2 0