Amazon / Airbnb / Slack Referrals

May 31 13 Comments

I am looking for Amazon / Airbnb / Slack referrals (Preferably in the Bay area or Toronto). I appreciate if anyone can help me because I do not know anyone in these companies. Please let me know here so I DM my resume to you.

PhD in CS and 3 YOE

No job no TC

I also have an offer from Google if that counts for anything


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  • Amazon reloc
    Dm me
    May 31 1
  • Airbnb 🍖 fly
    DM me for Airbnb
    Jun 3 1
  • Slack lBHu53
    DM me
    Jun 1 2
    • OP
      Jun 1
    • New t2s
      Can I please DM you as well? I am a student from a well known school that is really interested in interning at Slack. I have been practicing a lot of questions (200+ Leetcode) and I feel good about them as well. I also have some prior internship experience. I am willing to send any information that you may need.
      Sep 12
  • Slack lBHu53
    What role?
    Jun 1 1
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    DM for Amazon Toronto
    Sep 9 0
  • Glassdoor hdp
    What's wrong with Google's offer ??
    May 31 0
  • Juniper / Eng

    Juniper Eng

    Juniper Networks
    this is blind bitch, gtfo.
    Dude, TC or GTFO
    May 31 0
  • New begin
    How much Google is offering you?
    May 31 0