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Jan 7 12 Comments

I will be starting at Amazon in 2 weeks. For those of you who have worked at Amazon , would appreciate if you can share your wisdom on things to do or not do to be successful at Amazon.


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  • Amazon / Other byeAMZhell
    Start making connections with people in other orgs in case the one you join is a shitshow. And jump ship if it is
    Jan 7 5
    • CA Technologies TonkarBell
      Isn’t there a minimum period to spend in a team before jumping ship?
      Jan 7
    • Google giriska
      Nope, used to be a year but no HR mandated min. Maybe it sets off some red flags for the hiring manager if you ask to transfer in less than an year.
      Jan 7
    • Microsoft Omanuch
      This sounds scary. Are Amazonian prepared to jump ship even before onboarding the ship? Is this the reason for crying at desk?
      Jan 7
    • Amazon OlAl28
      It's just teams are extremely different since managers are given essentially complete control of every aspect of a team. Get a shit manager and you're fucked, good manager and you're golden.
      Jan 7
    • Amazon / Other byeAMZhell
      The advice is out of helping cope with your org if it sucks. There are good orgs/managers but if you're at/have a shitty one your life will be fucking hell. Amazon doesn't do much to punish bad orgs/directors/managers (threshold for punishment a lot less than other companies I've been at)

      After you join look at the tech survey results of your org's director (and later, other directors when you're ready to transfer). It can give you an idea of the org's morale and how it is to work there. You can peek at every org's. Also when transferring look at the org's makeup and see whether it's something that makes sense for you (e.g., few hundred people org vs org just starting)
      Jan 7
  • RingCentral / Eng

    RingCentral Eng

    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    Save bananas for your manager!
    Jan 7 3
    • CA Technologies TonkarBell
      Out of the loop. Any one explain? I’ve seen bananas mentioned several times
      Jan 7
    • New roku789
      There are very few snacks in amazon. Once a week they dole out bananas.
      Jan 7
    • CA Technologies TonkarBell
      Seriously? Like in every office world wide?
      Jan 7
  • Amazon zzpozz
    If you have a good manager don’t leave the team for at least 3/4 years.
    Jan 7 0
  • Microsoft boratguy
    Don't cry on your desk
    Jan 7 0