Amazon AWS L6 UX comp ?

EA / Product WwHa50
Jun 15 3 Comments

My friend recently received an offer for L6 UX designer at Amazon AWS Seattle. I am wondering what the Base+ bonus+ RSU range is for recent hires? Thanks!

I did some research but I haven’t come across any recent hires. For previous hire, mostly the TC seems to range from 170k- mid 200k..


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  • Salesforce AmazGrace
    Seems about right. Sign on bonus will be for the first two years. Then the last two years will only be base + RSU. Most people will leave around 2 years. Because you can’t survive with just the base salary if you have a mortgage. Waiting for the RSUs to be vested twice a year to cover your life expenses isn’t fun.
    Jun 15 0
  • Cerner SKii66
    You or your friend can also check out this post: Amazon Offer - Snr. Product Designer (Compensation)

    Similar scenario - enjoy!
    Jun 26 0
  • Salesforce !Right
    200 is about the midpoint, I think for L6 in Seattle it tops out around 240.

    AWS is a good place to work for designers, IF they’re interested in the space. What team is your friend joining?
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