Amazon (AWS) vs Google Engineering Resident

Intel Sfcx75
Mar 12 12 Comments

I am a new grad with offers from AWS in Seattle and Google engineering residency in Mountain View as a SWE.

The total compensation for AWS is about 8K more for first year and 4500 less in the second year. And I do realize that AWS is in a cheaper location. However I am much more interested in long term compensation vs short term. I know that Google pays for performance and has good refreshers. I am not struggling financially by any means. I have a very good amount of savings and never paid for school.

The engineering residency is a one year role (that could potentially be 6 month long) that apparently has close to a 90% conversion rate. I never interviewed for Google SWE and never failed that interview. I was just directly referred to eng res and did well on the interviews. I talked to a good bit of converts and all of them claim they don't know anyone that didn't convert to full time. However from what I hear once you convert, your TC will be on the lower side of L3. You get to rotate between teams and pick one based on available head count.

I do realize that amazon has the higher TC (given the location) and is offering me to join a great org (AWS). I like the cloud market and see growth there. Also Amazon is the leader by far in the market. However, I have also consistently heard bad things about amazon culture. This includes frugality, easy PIP and non reasonable expectations. Which leads to bad work life balance. Its risky for me to figure out if all this is true or not. Also the perks and benefits just aren't there compared to Google (eng res gives you all the perks and benefits as a full time).

I think the optimal solution would be to go to AWS and go hope to get into Google later, but that is a huge gamble. Although I am confident in my abilities, these tech interviews have a lot of randomness in them. Which means that I might never get the opportunity to join Google later on.

I do want to eventually join Google during my career. So my options are either gamble or take the Google offer now.



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  • Salesforce Sadforce
    In terms of comp, keep in mind that google feeds you, aws doesnt even have snacks
    Mar 12 7
    • Amazon / Eng $name
      $20 a day x 20 days a month x 12mo = $4800/yr. Insignificant if you ask me.
      Mar 13
    • Salesforce Sadforce
      Also think of the time savings of grabbing ready made bfast, lunch, and dinner...I'd pin the savings are a bit more than just $20
      Mar 13
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      Insignificant? Lol make a poll. That’s one-two months of rent in SF. I bet you make so much you can easily throw away. $20 is a very conservative number. Breakfast lunch dinner can all easily cost $30+ a day
      Mar 13
    • Salesforce 999999&
      I’ll give google the edge because they actually have legit meals by in-house chefs. The standard catering service most small to mid sized tech companies get is scarily unhealthy.
      Mar 13
    • Amazon TTTPPMM
      Who cares about meals? His/her future career is at stake
      Apr 25
  • Bloomberg / Eng iVX372
    Wtf is this residency program, and why doesn't have a reduced hiring bar program for experienced engineers?

    Seems like yet another way to make life easy for grads of elite colleges
    Mar 13 0
  • Amazon fatass
    Isn't the residency low TC at L2? Might have changed since I last read about it
    Mar 12 2
    • Intel Sfcx75
      Yeah I think they recently increased the base to be very close to L3.
      Mar 12
    • Google / Eng i_am_error
      Can confirm. They are all L3 now in the system, making very close to L3 base if not at par
      Mar 13


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