Amazon, Cisco or vmware

Apple stankeye
May 28 10 Comments

After a short stint at , I’m finally in a position to leave. I have three options, two are locally in the Bay Area, and one requires a move to Seattle. I’m curious about company culture, team dynamics, peoples experience with management, and less concerned about comp.

What’s your experience and thoughts about these companies and their culture, all three are Business PjM roles. How’s living in Seattle like?

Amazon AWS in Seattle, TCO: $210k
vmware Cloud in SJ, TCO: $190k
Cisco in SJ, TCO: $190k

Appreciate all inputs


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  • Amazon TC&&GTFO
    Amazon. That TC in Seattle will get you way more than in SJ, work be damned.
    May 28 0
  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    Avoid Cisco. Curry culture
    May 28 2
    • Apple stankeye
      What exactly is curry culture?
      May 28
    • Nordstrom


      I'm me😂
      That's more Indian and bad Indian politics.
      May 30
  • Microsoft no-sql
    Amazon for Tc +brand-bad culture, Vmware for brand and Cisco for wlb
    May 28 0
  • VMware iterator
    Yes Amazon, though WLB at VMware is good.
    May 28 0
  • Apple stankeye
    Thank you all for your responses. I’ll be visiting Seattle this weekend to get a feel for the city.
    May 28 0
  • Fannie Mae 996
    May 28 1
  • New QIqk53
    What BU/Team and grade for Cisco offer?
    May 29 0