Amazon Consumer Org?

New / Eng Anon404
Dec 11, 2018 5 Comments

Just got placed in this org (for new grad). How is it in terms of wlb, projects, internal respect, etc?


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  • Amazon / Eng
    This is a huge org, and as everyone else will tell you, the day-to-day experience is very different from one team to the next.

    With regards to "respect", only the very shallow and/or very junior people will disrespect you simply due to the org you are in.
    Dec 11, 2018 1
    • New / Eng Anon404
      Thanks for the feedback!
      Dec 11, 2018
  • Amazon Costco
    I was in Consumer for a while and the wlb and the project was great and your career growth is really focussed on and they have free snacks too.
    Dec 11, 2018 0
  • Amazon Tom Ford
    Depends on the role - are you a dev, a PM, etc?
    Dec 11, 2018 1
    • New / Eng Anon404
      Dec 11, 2018

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