Amazon Economist I TC expectations

NASDAQ / Eng Etdw66
Mar 6 5 Comments

Looking to get some ideas for spouse who is interviewing for economist role at amazon Seattle. PhD from top 75-100th ranked worldwide Econ program, with 2 year postdoc.

Recruiters reached out for this role. An offer in hand for a 50-75th ranked assistant prof position with TC 120k that could lead to tenure if everything goes well.

Postdoc: TC:80k
Ass Prof offer: 120 (USA west coast)


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Amazon / Consultant MagnumPI
    Also, you don't live in USA, right OP? Judging by the Blind dick-measuring contest, I would assume cashiers get paid 80k there.
    Mar 6 2
    • NASDAQ / Eng Etdw66
      Yes USA west coast. Econ postdocs are usually paid out of a research budget so there is only so much they can afford.
      Mar 6
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      Amazon, apparently it's key to be a cashier with competing offers from FANG.
      Mar 6
  • Amazon tumama
    Just throwing it out there. Where you got your degree, doesn’t really make a difference.
    Mar 6 1
    • NASDAQ / Eng Etdw66
      In the Academic world it’s probably more important. The profs at any given school typically come from higher ranked institutions, so at the moment they are punching above their weight based on some good papers and collaborations that came out of the postdoc
      Mar 6