Amazon Global Security

Apr 3 2 Comments

Interviewing for an Eng role in Amazon Global Security. I know AWS and Marketplace (plus other AMZ orgs) have large presences in many places. This particular AMZ org it seems not so much.

The role is about a 45 minute commute for me, although there are multiple Amazon offices much closer. Is anyone familiar with this org that might know if a few days WFH or working from another office would be possible? Is it up to the hiring manager?

Also, any insight (culture, pros/cons) on this org would be useful.


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  • Kaspersky Lab / Other
    aye daisy

    Kaspersky Lab Other

    aye daisymore
    Don’t know about the culture, but they hire good people.
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  • Amazon djeurbkeb
    Never heard of Global Security .. is this InfoSec
    Apr 3 0