Amazon Interview Bar Raiser

New bhDc81
Oct 29 11 Comments

I know this topic has been talked about for ages but I am still anxious to know how it really works.

Interviewed for SDE2 recently and I feel I did ok on most rounds with the team but I completely bombed the tech question from the bar raiser. Basically blanked out and couldn't write much code aside from talking about some intuition on how to solve the problem with space time analysis.

Now I know bar raiser could veto anything but would they do that even though most feedback from the team is positive?

As is with Blind tradition, TC: 75k CAD........


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  • Amazon Yo Yo !
    They have a debrief after the interview. Everybody explains why they are inclined/ not inclined to hire you.
    Bar riser tries to get all the data points from every interviewer along with his opinion.
    If all your team members liked u and hiring manager has some back bone to justify his belief, bar raiser can be easily convinced.
    Oct 29 2
    • New bhDc81
      Alright. I suppose then there is still some hope left. Lol. Thanks for your input
      Oct 29
    • Amazon Yo Yo !
      They might very well come back with down level offer too which happened to many ppl. So be aware of what u want
      Oct 29
  • New QUjx26
    Keep us posted. Had a phone interview with them that already felt like a bar raiser lmao
    Oct 29 0
  • New bhDc81
    So an update: got rejected from SDE2 and no down level or recycle. Usual HR rejection email without any feedback on the interview.
    Oct 31 2
  • Bar raisers are just more experienced interviewers, who know where is the bar for each level. They make a holistic decision than vetoing around.
    Oct 29 1
    • New bhDc81
      I see. I am hoping I would get a revised down level offer to SDE1 instead after the interview. Though I'm not sure if that will really happen. I guess I'll know soon. Thanks for the reply!
      Oct 29
  • Slalom Consulting / Sales StankyFeet
    I bombed my bar raiser for sde 1 and am joining Amazon 😁 I'm sure you did great.
    Oct 30 0
  • The Trust for Public Land / Data GhostBeef
    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
    Oct 29 0


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