Amazon L5 with 14 yoe.

Amazon Amazon17
Aug 31 10 Comments

I am L5 SDE at amazon. Working on promo doc for last one year. My manager changed last month and the new manager needs some more time before we can start working on promo doc again. He asked me to wait for 6 to 9 months. But I feel like it may not happen for another year.
I have 13 years of industry experience. 3 years at Amazon. I was leveled down as I was not coming from a FAANG company.

I feel L5 to L6 is tough at amazon in certain orgs.
Have been thinking of exploring external opportunity for a while.

Can I ask google to interview me for (T5)senior position?
Do I need to disclose my level at amazon while interviewing at google or facebook? Can I just pretend to be senior at amazon?

TC: 210K


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  • Amazon / Data JohnnyUta
    I am leaving Amazon and my comp was doubled. Amazon is not meant to retain good talent. Just churn and burn. Look elsewhere.

    Best of luck 🀝
    Aug 31 2
    • Amazon Amazon17
      Aug 31
    • KLA-Tencor GareebGuy
      Great. Where are you headed to friend? Would love to follow youπŸ˜ƒ
      Aug 31
  • Apple woodkid
    You can try. But if you couldn't get to Amazon L5 in 3 years and with 10+ yoe, I doubt you'd find it easy to perform at Senior level in Google.

    But then again, you could be really good and just not in the right environment. Your recruiter can slot you for L4-5 in Google and if you knock the interview out of the park then you can surely get in as Google L5
    Aug 31 1
  • Amazon xhbxhs
    You don't have to tell recruiters your current level. Just tell them your target level and they will set up the corresponding interview loop. Nail it you get your promotion.

    Amazon L5 maps to level 4 in Google/Facebook. It is pretty low for 10+ yoe. I was in the same boat and someone in the management chain thought he could play hard to get on my promo to L6. I then started interview with other FAANGUAP, got couple of offers mapping to L7 at Amazon. My wlb and comp are much better now.

    When you run into some cheap ass management, don't waste any single second of your time on them. Start preparing your interviews.
    Sep 2 1
    • Amazon CloneFear
      Inspiring, what is P by the way?
      Sep 2
  • Wayfair WNEm45
    Your TC is not that high. I'd explore trying to optimize for more TC without limiting to FAANGs.
    Aug 31 0
  • Amazon obSz85
    Your leveling at other companies will be irrespective of your current title. I think Google will definitely consider you for a senior position given your experience. You don't have to disclose your current TC and position. I guess no one can ask this according to law. But then what are you going to say on your resume?
    Aug 31 0
  • Facebook Hodinkee
    Do not lie, with amazon it’s easy to find out. It’s possible to get slotted for e5 at FB.
    Aug 31 0