Amazon L6 SDM or Interview@FB for M1

Amazon / Mgmt sah3895
Nov 5 6 Comments

Joined Amazon out of school as an SDE1. Stayed in the same team and got promoted all the way to L6 SDM in 5 years. Management is ready to offer additional opportunity to manage another team in addition to what I am managing today. TC:$280K. Decent work life balance. Have the trust of engineers, peer managers, stakeholders and management.

What would you recommend as the best next step?

1. Continue in the current team and challenge myself with additional responsibilities and grow to L7 Sr. Manager

2. Prepare and interview for M1 position at Facebook. Heard they give $500K

3. Switch teams at Amazon


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  • Facebook Raptor77
    We need fewer SDMs from Amazon at FB. The virus has to be contained in 1 location - Amazon. L6 in 5 years seems AWE-some to me.
    Nov 6 0
  • Credit Karma ๐ŸจKoala
    Tips for L6 in 5 years?
    Nov 5 2
    • Amazon / Mgmt sah3895
      Combination of hard work and opportunity. Strong ownership and engagement with stakeholders. Good upward management- trying to get a sense of what matters at an L8 level and tailor your charter along those lines.
      Nov 5
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Not for you bud. You keep trolling here.
      Nov 6
  • Amazon CulStryBro
    Newly promoted vs. external hire TC gap is huge at L6. Are you in Seattle? In Seattle, 400k is top of band, in Bay Area it's 450k. If you can get 400k+ on the market elsewhere, you should by all means take it, grow for a few years at FB. I like Amazon too, but it always makes good sense to know your market value.
    Nov 6 0
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Google, LinkedIn
    FB FTW
    Nov 5 0


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