Amazon L6 compensation(SDM)

Synack moneyy
Jun 12 11 Comments

Hi there,

Whatโ€™s the total compensation range for level 6 SDM at Amazon in Bay Area? Is there any considerable difference in compensation between Bay Area and other cities like Seattle or Austin.

Thank you


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TOP 11 Comments
  • 400-450
    Jun 12 5
    • Synack moneyy
      Thanks, is that like the top of the range or average compensation
      Jun 12
    • 450 should be top
      Jun 12
    • F5 Networks KNcx43
      Is it the same for L6 SDE in Bay Area?
      Jun 12
    • Synack moneyy
      Does it vary much by location? 10-20k difference inbase is acceptable, but otherwise.
      Jun 12
    • Amazon Northman
      Max is closer to 400 in Seattle.
      Jun 12
  • Accenture bindok
    Jun 12 0
  • Amazon look4job
    250k as far as I know
    Jun 12 3
    • Amazon / Product

      Amazon Product

      Rockstar PM
      Seems right
      Jun 12
    • Nvidia / Eng Mr.XoXo
      L5 itself crosses 300k at higher ends
      Jun 12
    • Amazon look4job
      I make 180k L5
      Jun 12