Amazon Lab126 SDE 2 (ML) Interview Experience [No offer]

New / Eng abc.x
Sep 26 9 Comments

Current Role: Software Engineer with Computer Vision, ML, Deep learning Background, Working for a startup in Bay Area with 1.5 yrs of experience.

First round:
OO Design Question: Design email client

Second round:
Discussion about my work, at current company

Coding: Given an Array of numbers & a target value, return indexes of two numbers such that their Absolute difference is equal to target
Tip: check if num[i]+target, num[i]-target in hash

Third round:
Lunch: About my work at current company

Forth round: (Bar raiser)
LP Question: How do you deal with good quality when delivering to costumer

ML Question: How do to find thresholds for classifier? Ans: plot ROC curve
Coding: Given two dates D1 & D2. count number of days, month?

Fifth round:
Discussion about my work at current company,

Why are you leaving current job?
How to handle conflicts with team member?

Sixth Round:
Discussion about my work

Coding: find 1st missing postive number (must do in O(1) memory & O(n) time)

I screwed first and last rounds, I didn't expect OO design question. There are two interviewers in last round Senior engineer and probably a new grad, 2nd person lead the round. I did the coding question before, but I couldn't recall optimal method.

I did nearly 150 leetcode problems, focused on top interview questions. I felt, I should start revising the problems.

Do I need to solve more questions? can any one please give me suggestions ?

I am also looking for referrals at big tech companies & startups. can any one please refer me ?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Goldman Sachs babachu
    Are you targeting ml engineer roles only? If so no point in doing more leetcode. Better to focus on ml stuff.
    Sep 26 4
    • Axtria user571
      Mle roles focus equally on both ML and LC
      Sep 26
    • Microsoft


      ? OP got asked LC questions and got screwed and you are asking to not concentrate on that.
      Sep 26
    • New / Eng abc.x
      I am targeting for ML engineering roles, particularly On Device ML ( Pruning models, deploying on mobiles & writing CV stuff for mobiles).
      Sep 26
    • Goldman Sachs babachu
      Sorry didn't want to misguide OP, but definitely mle wouldn't have same number of LC rounds as a normal sde.
      Sep 26
  • Amazon prestige🧐
    Never don’t be leetcoding.
    Sep 26 0
  • New / Eng abc.x
    Do I also need to focus on system design & OO design ? What kind of system design questions/OO design questions can be expected for MLE?
    Sep 26 2
    • Citrix Systems / Eng ಅವನೌನ ಹಡಾ
      Obviously. Did you do grokking? Apply your ML tricks to grokking to come up with your own design.
      Sep 26
    • New / Eng abc.x
      I took grokking the system design but in halfway through.
      Sep 26


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