Amazon Learning Curve?

Apr 7 5 Comments

Is amazon bad to improve our skillset? As I felt like I'm only improving at amazon and locked myself inside.

Instances : even I could not improvise in basic html. All I use is AUI.

I can't use plain jquery. All I use is aui jquery.

I can't even use maven / ant to build dependencies. All I use is Brazil 🇧🇷.

I can't even use Jenkins etc...

So many so many... The above are the few instances to pin point.

What you guys think? Shud I change company?


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  • BluVector sparked
    There are very few industry standard tools and even fewer that stand the test of time. What’s more important is your ability to learn and adapt to new tooling. No one cares if you have experience in X,Y,Z they care that you can pick up X,Y,Z in a reasonable amount of time and become proficient
    Apr 7 2
    • Amazon RJCMPR
      Yes that's true. But freshworks rejected me for not having experience in Jenkins.. Too bad :(
      Apr 7
    • Apple iCould
      With more experience you’ll learn that teams asking for a knowledge in a specific technology is usually a red flag, unless you are hired as a contractor. It should be nice to have but not a strict requirement.
      Apr 7
  • Uber / Eng mayipo
    Troll post
    Apr 7 0
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    i feel you. it is always good to learn those in your side projects or even join a startup then you will get exposed to a lot of open source and non proprietary technologies.
    Apr 7 0


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