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New MATF04
Oct 28 9 Comments

Currently in the midwest at a small startup that has been growing its client list but not revenue. Current TC 110k.
YOE: 3ish years.

Received an offer to go work at the Amazon Santa Barbara on the Alexa team. Initially interviewed for SDE2 but I was told the interviewers felt like I was more of a really close to SDE2 so offered a SDE1 position.

Offer is as follow:
Base: 130k
Sign on: 37k / 27k
Stock: 46 units (~80k)
Relocation: 7k after tax.

Offered TC:

I have an onsite with Uber ATG this week for the Boulder office that will hopefully help with negotiations.

Overall, I am excited to work with the SB office but I can't tell if this offer is right.

- I understand Amazon has levels, how much room do I have?
- Cost to break my current apartment lease is greater than the relocation sum, is this also negotiable?

Thank you.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Uber acet
    Don’t leave the Midwest
    Oct 28 2
    • New MATF04
      Weather in California > Weather in the Midwest though
      Oct 28
    • Oracle Sockets
      Don't you watch the news? CA is on fire and have rolling blackouts
      Oct 28
  • AVL / Eng R162
    Quality of life in the Midwest >> West Coast, at least if you’re planning to buy a house and have a family.
    Oct 28 1
    • Absolutely. I am seeing this as an opportunity to learn / grow for the next 1-2 years and eventually come back to the midwest.
      Oct 28
  • Amazon hG673hsb
    Sde1 at amazon is new grads. A lot of orgs won’t even hire industry people at sde1. Fortunately for you Alexa is known to have fast promos. When you are promoted at amazon (1-2 years usually to sde2), your comp will go to bottom of sde2 band. In California I think it’s around 190k
    Oct 28 3
    • Microsoft pojehem
      Oct 28
    • New MATF04
      Thank you for your reply. Would you advise to reject, work on system design and then re-interview in 6 months?
      Oct 28
    • Amazon hG673hsb
      Yeah I would. You’ll be working with people right out of college and SDE2s who are the same level of experience as you. I think it would be frustrating and if you come in as sde2 you can negotiate inside the sde2 band instead of sde1 band
      Oct 28


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