Amazon Prime Video Horrible?

HBO IlIlws
Jul 17 24 Comments

Anyone here who can shed some unbiased light on the Prime Video team? Read that in general it's run like a sweatshop is that true? I know that Amazon doesn't pay as much as the other FAANGs but am interested mostly for the experience. Would you take a pass on the Prime Video team?


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  • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
    Who told you that. I think it’s one of the best orgs in Amzn.
    Jul 17 2
    • Amazon JSU did
      Jul 18
    • Amazon YOG783
      Is this a joke? Prime Video is well known to be total shit
      Jul 19
  • Amazon HjXu42
    -Big impact and service is used by millions of customers.
    -High technical bar.
    -A lot of smart people around.
    -Good work/life balance
    -Great learning opportunities

    -Culture is becoming a bit toxic. Promotions are becoming very hard and managers are forced to choose a favorite.
    -Managers are also forced to fire those at the bottom of the performance ladder, even if they’re still really good engineers. It’s not unheard of to hear about good engineers at various seniority levels getting fired or managed out. Backstabbing and lies in documents is also becoming the norm.
    -Even though promotion criteria is defined, it’s interpretation is subjective and politics play a big role.
    -The organisation moves very slowly and it takes many months to deliver even the smallest project
    -Projects always come from business and leadership and it’s hard for engineers to drive initiatives. On the other hand, engineers and managers are penalised when these projects (asked by leadership) don’t have impact.
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon


    Yo-yo Chen
    Run. Away. Fast. I worked there as a SDE and possibly the worst WLB - Even AWS is better. But on positive side you have great projects to work with.
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon jgfhjk
    Wlb is horrible, promotions are fast, pay is the same as the rest of Amazon (much lower than FNG).
    So if you're fine with these, go for it.
    Jul 18 3
    • Netflix equipe
      What is WLB?
      Jul 18
    • Netflix Nixy55
      Work life balance in case you are serious
      Jul 18
    • Pandora Nfcxzsfvcd
      Leg before wicket
      Jul 18
  • Amazon / Project rsMM06
    I’ve heard mixed things as well, but in general it’s supposed to be awful with pockets of good teams in some areas ( not sure which ones those are though)
    Jul 19 0
  • Amazon toreador
    A herd of lemmings blindly stumbling from one big event to the other without any plan.
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon / Eng XmCF11
    I’ve had challenging work and some of the most positively critical coworkers of all time. Management is better than what I’ve seen elsewhere in amazon. WLB is fair, you’re not gunna be working 35 hours a week but certainly not 60
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon / Mgmt

    Amazon Mgmt

    Comcast, GoDaddy, General Electric, EMC Corporation
    Less challenging work but i had a great time working for Amazon video org.. it still feels like home to me and i felt they invested in their people and their growth.
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon / Eng AMZNBucks
    If anyone knows the good / bad teams there, please PM me. Especially if they're in Seattle lol
    Jul 19 0
  • Amazon Pio&&
    It’s one of the worst, based on the experience of several friends
    Jul 19 0
  • Amazon / Data JohnnyUta
    You’re a sweatshop.
    Jul 19 0
  • Netflix / Data Yuku
    What is Amazon TC for Senior Engineer ?
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon JJ1989
    It’s a big org. It depends on the team
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Depends on the team. I think Prime Video is one of the best group in Amazon although the projects are slightly less challenging.
    Jul 18 0
  • Netflix petepants
    I’d seriously consider it, the product is promising(I’d consider Netflix first:)c but still
    Jul 17 0
  • Amazon amazon ian
    How about HBO?
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon Fjrjkfkfop
    Sweatshop??? Wut nonsense do you guys hear man
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon


    I have also heard that peime video team is not good. Can you guys say which team in bay area is having good WLB
    Jul 22 0
  • HBO / Design

    HBO Design

    Amazon, Microsoft
    If you want to do what you do at HBO, hi to DDG. Vs AV
    Jul 21 0