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Evernote hereiam
Dec 6, 2018 8 Comments

How is the work culture, team and growth opportunities in AWS Aurora RDS platform team (Palo Alto)? Is it operationally heavy? Also, how is the overall culture at AWS, Palo Alto office like?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Acxiom Yo123yo
    You can always switch teams in future as little as after 30 days you join but switching too often does not look good in the eyes of HM.
    Dec 11, 2018 0
  • Google / Eng OJqG17
    Stay away. I was in that org. Oncall is nightmare, and not much good work. They are now just adding more database engines. It's a very old product, one of the earliest AWS product.
    Dec 6, 2018 0
  • Amazon / R&D QTOF86
    I heard on call is a nightmare
    Dec 6, 2018 2
    • Evernote hereiam
      I enquired about the on calls. It is once in 2-3 months and they follow the sun and moon schedule. Also, my team is relatively new and small in size
      Dec 7, 2018
    • Amazon UxFx40
      Was on the team in the past, oncall was 1x/2-3 weeks originally but due to new teams in other areas of the world to cover during their work hours it's slowly being phased out
      Dec 7, 2018
  • Bose JustMeHa
    The product sucks compare to Aurora so why join
    Dec 7, 2018 1
    • Evernote hereiam
      Edit: The offer is from the Aurora team
      Dec 7, 2018
  • Amazon QYiw24
    Org with the worst operational work specifically the DevOps team...I’ll never recommend anyone to join this team... unless you want to kill you personal life, please stay away from this org...
    Nov 12 0


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