Amazon SDE II vs SDM

Silver SUkO62
Nov 4 7 Comments

If you can choose between Amazon SDE II or Amazon SDM, what would you pick?

Optimizing for learning Amazon's culture. I want to apply Amazon's LP to my next startups.

My Background:
Previous Management role: startup founder for 5 years
Previous IC roles: Google


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft techladki
    If you could be a Sergeant or a private, what would you choose?
    SDM is the boss!
    Nov 4 1
    • Amazon KRONjob
      Depends on the military.
      Nov 4
  • Amazon KRONjob
    Don't come
    Nov 4 0
  • Amazon SDE III
    Do you want to write code or spreadsheets and word docs? That’s the question. Be in front of your machine or sit in meetings all day?
    Nov 4 2
    • Amazon deathmarc
      Do you wanna get paid $$ or $$$
      Nov 4
    • Amazon SDE III
      Sure. Rot in front of spreadsheets for an extra 50k a year if that’s your shtick. I couldn’t do it.
      Nov 4
  • New ama_ama
    Stay at Google
    Nov 4 0


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