Amazon SDE L4 Offer (College Hire, Seattle/Bellvue)

Bain & Company spenny309
Oct 7 6 Comments

Hey Blind!

I'm a senior in college, and just finished my recruiting process, transitioning from consulting to software engineering (I'm CS/Econ double major at a small, liberal arts college)

I got an SDE offer from Amazon, in their Seattle/Bellvue offices and I had some general questions. First of all: is the offer at all negotiable? I know that at higher levels it can be, but I haven't been able to find a ton of data points specifically for undergrad hires.

If it is, the offer right now is:
$112,000 base salary
$26,000 first year signing bonus, $22,000 second year signing bonus
$80,000 stocks vested over 4 years (5%, 15%, 40%, 40%)

I've seen relatively higher offer numbers online, but am not sure how inflated those are, how much they're based on locality, YOE (which is ~0 for me as a direct college hire), etc.

Should I be trying to negotiate on these numbers, or take it as is? My only competing offer is a full-time return offer from Bain for consulting, so maybe not a ton to use as direct leverage

Thank you :)


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  • Expedia Group WiFi rocks
    With two very different career paths, throw out the numbers and ask yourself: what do you want to do with your life?
    Oct 7 1
    • Bain & Company spenny309
      Thanks for the advice! I actually know that I definitely want to do SWE, just not sure if I can negotiate on the offer, or if it's possible to use Consulting offer as leverage in SWE negotiations. I have no intention of accepting the Consulting return offer
      Oct 7
  • LinkedIn allhand
    Amazon new grad isn't negotiable. Higher sde 1 offers r experienced hires or return interns
    Oct 7 1
    • Bain & Company spenny309
      That makes sense-- thank you!
      Oct 7
  • FormFactor Tove1
    $142k TC with O YOE for the first year, you are lucky dont push it...
    Oct 7 0
  • New / Eng hackslash
    Mine sign on are 36k and 28k but I was an aws intern. I'm still trying to negotiate using MS offer (110k base, 50k sign on, 80k stocks).
    Oct 10 0


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