Amazon SDE New Grad Bay/NYC comp

Amazon Zuck4Prez
Dec 1, 2017 9 Comments

Specifically intern conversions.


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  • Amazon / Eng AoK
    Please phrase this as a coherent question
    Dec 3, 2017 0
  • Amazon trollking
    123 base for fresh college grads is for NYC only I think. Seattle only offered 105k base afaik
    Dec 3, 2017 2
    • Amazon Zuck4Prez
      Seattle is 106.

      123 seems super high for undergrad
      Dec 3, 2017
    • Amazon BendTheKne
      All these numbers are for masters only. Seattle is 112 and bay area/NYC is 123
      Dec 3, 2017
  • Amazon BendTheKne
    Both Bay area and NYC get the same package as below for masters degree. Total comp ~ 170
    Base 123
    Stocks 71.5 for 4 years (5/15/40/40)
    Bonus 1st year 39
    Second year 33.5
    Relocation: little more than 10K

    Source: friend asked recuriter
    Dec 3, 2017 2
    • Amazon Zuck4Prez
      What about undergrad?
      Dec 3, 2017
    • Amazon BendTheKne
      I think it was 5-10K lower for undergrads in Seattle area. You can expect something similar.
      Dec 3, 2017
  • Amazon / Eng BeanWiggen
    Last year's new grad Bay area comp (undergrad):
    113k base
    75k stock over 4 years
    27.5k x2 signing bonus (first year lump sum up front, second year it is evenly portioned as part of your normal salary payment)

    No special offer for intern conversion. I heard they gave the same offer to this year's interns.
    Dec 5, 2017 1
    • Amazon waterloo24
      This years package (intern return) is 116.5k base ~75k rsu 75k sign on over 2 years
      Jan 13, 2018