Amazon Salary Expectation

Dexcom kCju73
Aug 13 4 Comments

I have always worked as contractor, C2C or W2. looking to go full time for the first time. going to work with one of the amazon device companies (basically with amazon). need help in setting expectation for salary.
7 years of experiancr, salesforce certified Architect in Santa Monica.

any thoughts will help.

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  • NVIDIA gametheroy
    2-3 bananas per yr
    Aug 13 2
    • Starbucks / Mgmt

      Starbucks Mgmt

      Currently a store manager with Starbucks, and a history in managing within target. Large to small team fast paced environments with metric and non-metric goals
      Yooo game theory at nvidia 😭😭 I’m about as jealous as it gets
      Aug 13
    • NVIDIA gametheroy
      You got it good girl, not all of us are bringing back slavery and corporate land empires in the Congo and South America with your "sustainable" totally not blood money coffee farming 😅
      Aug 13
  • Dexcom kCju73
    Y’all too funny for this
    Aug 13 0