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I have a unique situation, i had interviewed for L6 role but they downleveled me to L5 and had to interview again with different hiring managers. They set the salary expectation at $110 TC. And unless i agreed, they won’t move ahead with my application. i got the offer yesterday and as expected its $110 TC. they said that its the maximum at that level. wondering if there is a room for negotiation, if i can ask for more bonus/RSUs?


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  • LinkedIn / Eng iSBu37
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  • MassMutual / Eng

    MassMutual Eng

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    Sounds like you misrepresented yourself.

    You choose whether to continue. Rest assured they were telling the other team you overstated your capabilities. You will be handled as such.

    "This happens commonly"

    As in:

    Everyone thinks they are better than they are. Then they get shot down and "what happened?"

    You suck is what happened.
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    • American Express coolstory
      Ain't life a btch?
      Sep 19
  • GitHub gXRA48
    TC is always negotiable. For an L5 I'd say this TC is on the low end. I'd ask why they downleved the job but this is very common at Amazon. You also have to understand that if they downleveled the job, they budgeted/expected to pay a higher TC so they didn't offer you the maximum for the level.

    Can you provide a break down of TC (base, bonus, RSUs)? Then I can tell you what to negotiate.
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  • New Fin2
    4 years
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    • Daimler / Eng Ha@@@
      Whats the breakdown of your TC?
      Sep 18
  • What's your breakdown of TC?
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  • Daimler / Eng Ha@@@
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  • New Fin2
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  • Amazon amznthanos
    It depends the city bro
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