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New chitra
May 1 8 Comments

Hi all,
I got an offer from Amazon as an SDE 1 (new grad). I just wanted to know if I should negotiate the offer.

It is a lot lower than the offer in Seattle because it is in Europe.

I just wanna know if it can / should be done.
If so, how ?

Will they take back the offer if I do so ?

Also, please mention the questions I should ask the recruiter before accepting the offer.

Thank you all.


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  • Amazon IzlF80
    Offers always differ based on location. For ex, engineers in China & India work way harder than US engineers, but get paid several times less.

    If your offer is on par with Europe, don't be greedy, take it.
    May 1 1
    • New chitra
      There is a little information about the compensation in Europe. I am not actually very keen on negotiating. But my seniors told me you should always negotiate.
      I just wanted to know the risk factor.
      May 1
  • Amazon / Design Gayz0s
    TC or gtfo
    May 1 0
  • Pure Storage / Eng xluy52
    There is no risk factor. The recruiter doesn’t care bro. Literally ask “Can you add 10-15k to TC?”. Recruiter will ask the hiring manager who will allow or disallow it. Helps to have other offer. They aren’t going to rescind offer based on you negotiating.
    May 1 2
    • Salesforce curious03
      Does the hiring manager decide the pay ?
      May 1
    • Pure Storage / Eng xluy52
      Not sure if this is the same everywhere. This is just based off my experience. Every position I negotiate even without offers I always ask for more. Recruiters low ball by default, just say, “that’s a good place to start, I was wondering if there’s room in the band to move up a little?”
      May 1
  • Amazon rtvde
    What's your offer and where is it for? Someone on Blind might be able to provide insight.
    May 1 0
  • Capital One kUwv33
    As a new grad you have very little negotiating power. None if you don't have at least one better competing offer. I would just take the offer and see what you can get in a year or two.
    May 1 0


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