Amazon Technical Program Manager - rejected but strong feedback. Join another team?

Amdocs DMyH15
May 9 6 Comments

I recently interviewed with Amazon Seattle (aws). The recruiter called me and told that I was not a good fit for the role I was interviewing for, but the feedback was very strong. So, they are going to open my profile to other teams to see if there is any interest.
Interestingly I applied for Sr.TPM(L6?) , few of my interviewers did think I was interviewing for Sr.TPM but there was an
L7 and L8 who interviewed me talking about Principal TPM .(Lunch buddy informed me about L7/L8- I was given all 5 interviewer names by recruiter)

The recruiter said that I don’t have to interview again. It will be based on my current feedback.
It’s been 3 days but did not hear back from recruiter yet . Is this common ? Should I still expect a call back or move on ? I am open to any location US .
I wish I had clear view of the role I was being interviewed for 😊



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  • Amazon Jеff Bezоs
    Principal TPM? 😂 The stuff people invent...
    May 9 1
    • Amdocs DMyH15
      Principal Tech Program Manager. That’s the title communicated by recruiter. As I said I applied for Sr.Technical Program Manager
      May 9
  • Amgen Fin4eng
    3 days is nothing in this context of finding another team that needs the role, and reviews your interview results and wants to hire you.. Wait 3 weeks or so
    May 9 0
  • PwC OyXK13
    I am on the same boat. Interviewed for a commercially-focused role. Got rejected by team, but considered a strong fit for the company. Starting informationals with other teams. Was told that based on fit it may not be necessary to interview again. Your case (timing, outcome) will solely depend on available reqs, match with other teams and how well you did on the onsite (you did pretty well for being considered, but how well they won't tell you). DM me for more.
    May 9 0
  • ezCater PM42
    Would advise moving on. Former L2 who interviewed multiple times for L3 and L4 positions in Boston. Internal org and comms tend to disconnect off the STAR method and not hire or promote unless approved by mgrs who aren't part of interview process.
    May 9 0
  • Amdocs DMyH15
    Thank you all for your inputs and support
    May 10 0

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