Amazon Vancouver L6 Technology Program Manager L6 compensation

Wipro TzPD72
Nov 7 3 Comments

Hello Guys,

Need your urgent advise on offer compensation at Amazon Vancouver.

Role :: Technology Program Manager L6
Location :: Vancouver Canada

Base :: 145 K CAD
Sign on Bonus :: 40 K first year , 35 K second year
RSU :: 5K first year, 15K second year, 45K third year , 45K fourth year

Total comp :: 190K CAD

Current location :: Australia 150K
YOE:: 15 Y

I somehow feel that this is L5 salary, can any experts here help me with L6 brackets for TPM ?

thank you!


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TOP 3 Comments
  • SuneraTech AXWY54
    Depending on where you are in Australia , Vancouver can be significantly more expensive .
    Nov 7 0
  • Amazon vhLi28
    Way too low. You need to up the RSUs for L6.
    Nov 10 0
  • Microsoft / Product IcPF06
    Could be variations based on location, but my salary (as L6 Program Manager) was in Seattle was about 15% lower than your offer. Usually there’s a 10-15% difference between Product/Program Managers and their Technical counterparts, so that sounds right-ish to me for L6. However 15YOE says L7 to me - is that at all possible?

    Source - I was in Amazon in Seattle before moving to Microsoft
    Nov 7 0


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