Amazon health insurance

Cognizant Gtfo1
Nov 14

Joining Amazon Bay Area next week. Which health insurance is best? Me and my wife planning for a baby some time mid of next year. My wife had some medical issues in the past.


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  • Amazon / EngBananalol
    I go with the HDHP HSA option. I max it out and pay all medical expenses out of pocket. Plan to not touch the HSA money until I am 65 and can use it for any purpose. It’s invested in vanguard funds.

    I am 28, married, and we are both healthy.
    Nov 141
    • Microsoft / Eng


      Christian. Love Microsoft. High aspirations, low expectations.
      That's very smart if you don't have expenses. But wasting free money by spending over your out of pocket maximum is nonsense. HDHP is still a great option with a lot of anticipated expenses as what you do pay is discounted significantly and the out of pocket maximum is still small vs having a baby
      Nov 14
  • Does amazon contribute anything to the HSA?
    Nov 141
  • Microsoft DOyu71
    I thought Amazon health insurance was a banana a day and plaque with the mantra "dont get sick".
    Nov 140

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