Amazon hiring like crazy?

Sogeti / Other vAVO62
Sep 30 21 Comments

I accepted my AWS job offer and I'm getting my @Amazon email in a month. I've noticed that amazon has been hiring like crazy this past year and heard the same from friends st Amazon.

What's the big picture for this? Just employee churn?


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  • Google göggler
    They had a bumper crop of bananas this year. True to their frugality LP, they don't want them bananas to go waste, so hiring tons of people to eat them. The VP of finance initially disagreed, but later committed to the view point of the Food & Facilities VP.
    Sep 30 6
    • NetApp 8vian
      VP of finance first disagreed but then committed
      Sep 30
    • Sogeti / Other vAVO62
      You guys are such trolls. You aren't earning my trust.
      Sep 30
    • NetApp 8vian
      Clearly you aren’t thinking big
      Sep 30
    • eBay mhTvaOb
      Dive deep OP
      Sep 30
    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      Oct 6
  • Apple BoJak
    Amazon has been hiring like crazy since December 2015. Churn isn't unusually high.

    Here's a short summary. Mr. Bezos has found a way of undercutting every other business on the planet and grow this loss making enterprise(bar AWS) like crazy. Along with explosive stock ratios and kicker revenues, Mr. Bezos is on his way to change/ruin the entire economic patterns of the planet. The only roadblock is regulation/break-up. Enjoy the party while it lasts. :D
    Sep 30 5
    • LinkedIn yFSV61
      At least Bezos tries to bring prices lower in almost any category you can think of by keeping customers first. Value proposition for customers is just too high with Amazon. Quite unlike Apple which just tries to juice out more money from customers with overpriced products at obscene profit margins.
      Sep 30
    • Amazon iejs7n
      So Amazon wants to become the Reliance of America.

      (Reliance is an Indian company which also tries to get into pretty much everything and disrupts it with low prices. Soon it's going to get into Cloud and E-commerce hence messing with both AWS and Unsurprisingly, it's chairman is the richest person in India, while Bezos is richest in the world)
      Sep 30
    • Apple BoJak
      Again, what you said is absolutely right. Apple is just another business that will run out of money when a better player takes over.

      But you've to stop thinking like a consumer to realise how much damage amazon is causing to the economic machine. Sweat shops in 3rd world countries, age old businesses dying like flies, monopolistic practices to drive sellers out of the platform. The list goes on.
      Sep 30
    • Daimler / Data ∝CMV
      @bojak yes, I concur with the things you describe as happening. But I’m saying that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Best reasoning-by-analogy I can come up with is a country lowering import taxes on productive goods - like laptops - so the population can enjoy the produce and produce more later. At the cost of indigenous manu, but usually there are none such that produce similar things to begin with.
      Sep 30
    • Intel Buggies
      @BoJak you just explained how capitalism works. Isn't it?
      Sep 30
  • Amazon iejs7n
    Amazon is hiring more developers for Alexa alone than Google is hiring for everything. We just own more successful products, but part of it is also redundant teams and poor team discovery. It is quite possible at Amazon that 3 different teams are planning to launch the same thing without each other knowing.
    Sep 30 2
    • Daimler / Data ∝CMV
      Isn’t that a huge problem?
      Sep 30
    • AT&T MsdR32
      Fire the slower 2, problem solved.
      Sep 30
  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    Need more bodies to burn, or churn
    Sep 30 0
  • New / Creative

    New Creative

    Truth is a foreign language to all.
    Pic for your reference. Amen
    Sep 30 0
    Баба Яга

    Баба Ягаmore
    Do they also layoff a lot?
    Sep 30 1
    • Snapchat bFCN68
      They don't need lay-offs. Organic attrition is sufficient.
      Oct 1
  • Amazon techled
    @OP: you know the rules. TC?

    Amazon truly intends to be the everything store. They will achieve that by combining engineering talent with various industry-specific talent and keep hiring and growing.

    Unlike several other businesses, amazon is not too greedy to re-invest in hiring more employees (besides TC lol). Not to say it isn't greedy, the greed just lives elsewhere
    Oct 1 0


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