Amazon interview timeline?

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I have an introductory phone call with Amazon soon (recruiter reached out to me).

From my understanding, this will contain no technical questions, just a chat about my background. But how does the interview timeline work from there? Can I expect a technical phone screen right after and then an onsite? How many days in between all of this can I expect?

In particular I want to know if I can delay the process a bit as I have been practicing leetcode lately but I feel an extra few weeks will go a long way. Any advice/past experiences would be appreciated, thanks.

2.5 YOE Software Engineer


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  • Microsoft itsRaw
    My Solutions Architect AWS interview process

    Recruiter: Quick 25min call about my interests and current role, why I want to go to AWS. Took them 1 day to schedule phone interview.

    Phone Interview: it was a 1.5hr call consisting of 50/50 leadership principles, and tech questions. Took them 2 days to schedule onsite.

    Onsite: 5 back to back interviews with a SA presentation. 1 was tech questions, the rest were LP questions. Took them 5 days to get back to me.
    Nov 15 6
    • Microsoft itsRaw
      No, actually it was a person from within their team though. He ended up being my lunch buddy during the onsite. The HM was in the onsite interview loop though.

      Edit: maybe since it was an SA interview, and not SDE?

      Regardless OP, good luck on your interview! And study up those LPs.
      Nov 15
    • OP
      Thanks, I will.

      When you say it took them only a day to schedule the next phone interview, do you mean the actual interview was scheduled for the next day or they just told you when it'd be the next day?

      If it was the latter, did they give you a wide range of time slots to choose from?
      Nov 15
    • Microsoft itsRaw
      After the recruiter call (next day) their recruiting team emailed me asking for my availability. I responded and within the same day they had scheduled my phone interview based on my availability. IIRC the recruiter call was on a Thursday and my phone interview was on a Tuesday of the following week.

      So yes, it’s the latter. But they don’t schedule it until you provide your availability. My onsite was scheduled almost a month after the phone interview (since I had prior commitments).
      Nov 15
    • OP
      So assuming I schedule the technical and LP phone screens for ~3 weeks later, you think that would be fine? It wouldn't hurt my chances? That's great to hear if so.

      Again, I had been preparing at a pace assuming I had several months to prepare, now I have to cram. Not that I'm complaining (very grateful to even get a FAANG interview without even having to apply and hope for a response).
      Nov 15
    • Microsoft itsRaw
      Hmm I’m not too familiar with their internal policies for hiring, but three weeks after your recruiter call might be pushing it. I would say 1 week is fine (maybe 2) but three weeks may be a bit too much. I mean it’s just a phone call so it’s a bit hard to justify the time lapse between your recruiter call and phone interview.

      My prep was going through Glassdoor for role specific interviews and seeing what kind of tech questions I would get. For LPs, I sat down and wrote down my top scenarios and making sure I had a STAR formar answer (situation, task, action, result). They are BIG on LPs so make sure you know them, and have a scenario ready. Try not to use the same scenario twice either.
      Nov 15
  • Amazon iA71wc
    If it’s a background chat, sounds like it’s purely a light chat with the recruiter. Just to talk with you and make sure you’re coherent. The recruiter then schedules actual phone screens (probably a tech phone screen and a behavioral/leadership principle phone screen)
    Nov 15 3
    • OP
      I see, thanks for the info.

      So there are two phone screens, one for technical and one for LP/behavioral questions?

      Does the interviewee have any say on when these get scheduled? Again, I don't feel as prepared yet so I would like to delay the process as much as possible.
      Nov 15
    • Amazon iA71wc
      Generally speaking, yeah those two phone screens occur before an on-site. You certainly do have a say on when the interview gets scheduled - just give a date most comfortable for you.
      Nov 15
    • Lime hdhshhan
      Hmm... I got a coding assessment and then an onsite. Amazon does phone screens? I remember doing the assessments even whilst I was in college back in 2015.
      Nov 17


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