Amazon is a better place to work than Google/Apple/Tesla?

Aug 19 11 Comments


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  • Amazon 💥 boom
    It is true. It’s called Stockholm syndrome.
    Aug 19 1
  • Microsoft / Eng DEiw25
    Fake news. First place clearly Albertson's
    Aug 19 0
  • Postmates Vfdw66
    It probably doesn’t hurt LinkedIn’s rating of Amazon that every manager at Amazon is given an upgraded account with unlimited InMails and is required to endlessly recruit for their own team because turnover is ridiculously high.
    Aug 19 0
  • Amazon broke&dumb
    It must be super easy to bribe Quartz.
    Aug 19 0
  • Microsoft / Eng jbchkccu
    I certainly wouldn't lump Google with Apple and tesla, but I also wouldn't make the mistake of ranking Amazon above the others for a better place to work, as this article did.
    Aug 19 1
    • Amazon / Eng KTUv41
      Mm not sure I agree that Amazon is a worse place to work than Tesla
      Aug 19
  • Apple woodkid
    More like "Top places to interview to have a good chance of getting a solid counter offer"
    Aug 19 0
  • Amazon 🤠== 8
    Metrics and how you score matters. This an update from Linkedin data.

    Methodology of data crunching

    If you apply more through linked in, retention, etc. Having over 550,000 employees skews it. Also, direct Linkedin application vs applying for a job directly by referral, bypassing linkedin.

    Not exactly a score of best place to work. It is just Quartz's click bait title.

    Linked in calls it the "Top places where the US want to work now 2018".
    Aug 19 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    SpaceX, Tesla Motors
    Amazon >>>>>> Tesla
    But not Google
    Aug 19 0
  • WeWork RPvk36
    Is google really much better?
    Aug 19 0


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