Amazon is getting into Autonomous vehicles?? That’s a huge round

Lyft boss hog
Feb 8 12 Comments


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TOP 12 Comments
  • LinkedIn glasscave
    Amazon gets into literally everything.
    Feb 82
    • Amazon / Eng$name
      Including middle-aged celebrities.
      Feb 8
    • Microsoft veduiam
      Feb 8
  • Amazon alcoholic
    That's the thing I wanted. We need more competition. We should destroy overrated Tesla and arrogant Elon Musk's ego. Congrats Jeff
    Feb 83
    • Amazon / EngjNeo42
      “We” — nationalist much?
      Feb 8
    • Tableau ImTableau
      If Elon Musk is arrogant then what would you call Jeff??
      Feb 8
    • Amazon alcoholic
      But Jeff didn't advertise himself as saviour of human kind. Elon does always.
      Feb 8
  • Tableau ImTableau
    For amazon, everything revolves around shipping fast & cheap.. they will do whatever it takes to keep that competitive advantage.. sooner or later they will get into any shit that helps reduce shipping cost & speed..
    Feb 80
  • Apple JobsAtApp
    Peer pressure?
    Feb 80
  • AIG / Product


    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Adds another 100b to market cap in 3-4 years ;-)
    Feb 160
  • Microsoft veduiam
    A huge round what? Dong?
    Feb 80
  • Amazon VEoy51
    There was a funny post several months ago about how Amazon was going to buy Lyft‘s self driving IP...
    Feb 80

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