Amazon london referral

Flipkart cemU45
Dec 13, 2018 11 Comments

Hi, amazon london is hiring a lot of engineers at London office especially for prime videos and alexa team. Can I get a referral?
I have worked as a backend engineer, frontend engineer as well as data engineer during my career. I have >2 years of experience. Currently in India, working with India's largest e commerce company Flipkart.


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Amazon TobeRS
    Let me know if you still need a referral
    Dec 13, 2018 3
    • Uber / Eng

      Uber Eng

      It's been less than 30 mins since he posted.
      Dec 13, 2018
    • Amazon TobeRS
      Didn't get you.
      Dec 13, 2018
    • Flipkart cemU45
      Messaged you. Please Check your inbox.
      Dec 13, 2018
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Working in India
    There's rare chance you'll directly land a job there, why not try in India
    Dec 13, 2018 2
    • Amazon / Eng Bismillaa
      Yeah, it's much easier to move within Amazon across locations
      Dec 13, 2018
    • Microsoft / Eng tctcv
      Amazon India has a bad rep w.r.t wlb (no idea if it's accurate) . Probably OP thinks Amazon Eu will be more chill
      Dec 13, 2018
  • Flipkart cemU45
    Hiring in Amazon India is not of good quality which means engineering is also surely not good for most of the teams. Then, there is difference in compensation as well.
    Dec 13, 2018 1
    • Amazon hXGP12
      You're stupid if you're looking at raw compensation numbers in India and UK and want UK. Have you heard of this thing called cost of living ? I know engineers in India making upwards of 50~70L as L6s
      Dec 15, 2018
  • Amazon hXGP12
    You want to join Amazon with WLB. LMFAO.
    Dec 15, 2018 0
  • AT&T / Eng

    AT&T Eng

    Optum, Windstream, AT&T, Verizon
    Oh get off it mate
    Dec 13, 2018 0