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ChannelAdvisor uAGy14
Jul 6, 2018 4 Comments

I am currently SDE 1 at Amazon Seattle. TC is around 160k.

YOE: 4. 2 at Amazon, 2 at a medium size company.

Is my TC too low for my experience? Likely to be promoted this year but I would’t count on much base bump. Should I make a career move?


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  • Amazon / Eng sadTT
    For an L4 your comp is pretty good. If you get promoted you will be at a lower end of L5. Try somewhere else if you want to get more, unless you feel you are getting a lot of growth opportunity.
    Jul 6, 2018 0
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    • ChannelAdvisor uAGy14
      L4 is sde 1
      Jul 6, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng sadTT
      That is accurate
      Jul 6, 2018
  • Amazon gqoW20
    I would suggest you make a career move. At 4 years experience you will be considered for Sde2 equivalent position anyways and if you get an offer, it will likely be in the median range of Sde2s. If you choose to stay and wait for a promotion, you will only get to the bottom of the Amazon’s Sde2 band.
    Jul 7, 2018 0