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Microsoft Kxte30
Jan 4 7 Comments

I have amazon onsite in few days. How do the interviewers pick questions? Do they really use leetcode to pick a question to ask in an interview?


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  • Amazon Nrt3hf
    Yes some do. Most usually go for Leetcode mediums but I have seen some idiots ask Leetcode hard questions and then report that candidate could not answer the question.
    Jan 4 0
  • ToKL28
    No. Leetcode publishes what they are asking.
    Jan 4 0
  • EBSCO / Eng

    EBSCO Eng

    1.5 yoe. Slowly rooting myself in the industry. Wish me luck!
    @op is this the hiring event next week at Seattle?
    Jan 7 1
  • Amazon jetsteam
    Don’t forget about LPs, as important
    Jan 6 0
  • Amazon / Eng O(1);
    It depends of the interviewer. Sometimes we use leetcode.
    Jan 4 0
  • Oracle redvsblue
    Pretty sure it’s make up your yeah some people use leetcode.
    Jan 4 0